2018 League Start Dates

August 27th ~ Duane Hicks Memorial ~ 6:30PM

Sept 4th ~ Aches and Pain ~ 8PM

Sept 5th ~ Marie Klatt ~ 12:30PM

Sept 5th ~ Clio Merchants ~ 6:30PM

Sept 6th ~ Thurs Morning Ladies ~ 9:30AM

Sept 6th ~ Clio Ladies ~ 6:30PM

Sept 8th ~ Saturday Night Fever ~ 6:30PM

Sept 15th ~ Saturday Night Fever ~ 6:30PM

August 26th ~ Sunday Night ~ 6PM

We have summer hours from May-after Labor Day weekend.  Times Listed under Business Hours tab.

Open Bowling Hours:

Monday- 8am-midnight

Tuesday- 8am-midnight

Wednesday- 8am-5:30pm and 10pm-midnight

Thursday- 8am-5:30pm and 10pm-midnight

Friday- 8am-midnight

Saturday- call for times

Sunday- 8am-midnight 

All Days are Subject to Change for Special Events.

 Please Call Ahead

Glow Bowling 
Friday Night

Call for more info

(810) 686-0260

To view league standings go to Leagues and find your league name on the left

3345 W. Vienna Rd.  Clio, MI 48420   810.686.0260

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