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Clio Ladies League Rules


  1. We shall bowl 31 weeks starting September 8, 2016 to April 13, 2017.
  2. Board of Directors will consist of the league officers and team captains.
  3. Secretary’s and Treasurer’s fee is $15 per team.
  4. Bowling fee is to be $15 per bowler per week.
  5. Each team must pay for their regular line-up each week or forfeit, there will be one week reprieve for absent bowlers.
  6. The last night of bowling must be paid by the 4th week of bowling (September 29th).
  7. Bowlers must bowl two-thirds of scheduled games to receive yearly prizes.
  8. A bowler who arrives late may enter the beginning of that game provided three frames have not been completed by both teams.
  9. Three regular women bowlers must be present for a legal line-up.
  10. Everyone will begin the season with last year’s average from this league.  If no average from this league exists, the bowler will use her highest book average.  If neither of these exists, the bowler will establish an average after the first three games.
  11. Absentee score is average minus ten pins.
  12. Vacancy score is 120 plus handicap.
  13. Handicap will be 80% to 210.
  14. A woman bowler that signs up on a team will not be able to sub for any other team on our league.
  15. The president’s gift will cost $20.00.
  16. Any sub during the last six weeks of bowling must have an established average in this league of three games and be a woman.
  17. Unopposed bowling will be allowed provided the team not able to bowl on the scheduled night will have to bowl the makeup within three weeks of the date missed and must contact Clio Bowling Arcade with the makeup.  Also, the team must call by that day to be eligible for a make-up.  If not, the team forfeits the seven points.
  18. Yearly handicap prizes to be counted from nine games and actual from the first week.
  19. Election of officers for next season will be held the last night of bowling, April 13, 2017.
  20. Position nights will be the 15th and 31st weeks of bowling; if a tie occurs, handicap pinfall decides place.
  21. A 6th bowler or more cannot be added to a team roster the last six weeks of bowling.
  22. There will be a limit of seven women per team.
  23. The seven point system will be used; two points for each game and one point for series.
  24. Team prizes are paid by position.
  25. Each member (limit of 5) of the first place team will have a choice of receiving either $20.00 or a trophy.  In the event a tie should happen the teams will bowl a one game roll off at that time.
  26. All bowlers are to start no later than 6:35PM; exceptions will be made for inclement weather conditions; in the event that a teammate(s) is/are not present at 6:35PM her/their team is still obligated to start at that time and Rule 8 above goes into effect.  If the opposing team feels that the late bowler(s) team is causing a deliberate delay of game, the President will be notified and a possible forfeit of all points will be made by the late bowler(s) team.
  27. All position rounds, bowlers must have three games and an established average to bowl.
  28. No cell phone use in the bowling area.
  29. Courtesy Rule:  Be up to bowl when it is your turn to bowl and see USBC Rule #11 or a take a penalty of zero for that frame.  It is up to the team captain to ask the bowler if they are ready to bowl or if they would like to take the zero.
  30. Before any changes can be made to anyone’s score, the opposing team captain must be consulted.
  31. Yearly prizes to be paid as follows:

1st Team High Handicap   $20.00                  1st Team High Series Handicap        $20.00

2nd Team High Handicap  $15.00                  2nd Team High Series Handicap       $15.00

3rd Team High Handicap   $10.00                  3rd Team High Series Handicap        $10.00

1st Individual High Game Handicap              1st Individual High Series Handicap                                      $17.00                                                            $17.00

2nd Individual High Game Handicap            2nd Individual High Series Handicap                                      $12.00                                                            $12.00

3rd Individual High Game Handicap            3rd Individual High Series Handicap                                        $ 7.00                                                             $7.00

Most Improved Average     $ 5.00                   Individual High Game Actual           $ 5.00

High Average                      $ 5.00                   Individual High Series Actual           $ 5.00

*A person can only win one yearly individual prize per season and a team can only win one yearly team prize per year.  Handicap will take priority over actual and game will take priority over series.*

                                                 President:              Diane Weaver

                                                Vice President:     Tammy Hicks

                                                Secretary:              Becca Kinney (810) 730-1651

                                                Treasurer:              Chris Hicks (810) 471-0788

Clio Bowling Arcade (810) 686-0260


3345 W. Vienna Rd.  Clio, MI 48420   810.686.0260

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